ShangHai Platform

Performance & Characteristics:
  • •Virtual LCD display for vehicle status
  • •Malfunction warning
  • •Error message datalog for easy lookup
  • •Fast boot
  • •Automatic temperature compensation
  • •Multiple PWM channels
  • •Multiple digital and analog channels
  • •Remote firmware upgrade capability
  • •Electronic user manual for in-fly reference

This 2-in-1 unit is featured with an automotive grade 32 bit RISC processor, 7 inch WVGA wide temperature true color TFT LCD, proprietary UI design, and fast boot capability. This unit has 8 channel PWM, 32 channel digital I/Os, and 6 channel analog I/Os, which can be flexibly configured to perform versatile functions as an electronic controller. The high resolution LCD enables multiple functions such as electronic user manual display, malfunction warning, error message datalog and search, system date adjustment, backlight adjustment, etc. A separated temperature compensation component is installed to ensure an excellent performance even in very low temperature environment.

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