V8 AWP Control System

Performance & Characteristics:
  • •Integrated Wi-Fi
  • •Integrated RFID Reader
  • •Integrated Tilt Sensor Integrated Hour Meter

NVR V8 AWP Control System is a highly compatible control system for variable work platforms, such as scissor, mast, and mast boom type. It can also support hydraulic drive, electric drive and diesel engine drive machines. 

RT Scissor Lift Control System

Performance & Characteristics:
  • •Power supply:9-16V, Protection:IP65
  • •Multiple inputs/outputs with short circuit protection
  • •Communication: CAN Bus
  • •Optimized and protected internal circuits
  • •Stabilized PWM output with temperature compensation
  • •Effective and efficient out rigger leveling function
  • •Self-diagnostic function
  • •Overload Recovery function, compliant with CE
  • •Support LPG engine scissor lift

Rough Terrain Scissor Lift Control System consists of PCU (Platform Control Unit) and GCU (Ground Control Unit). It controls all operational functions and safety functions of diesel engine drive rough terrain scissor lift. GCU output control signal to execution parts of the machine based on inputs from PCU, sensors, limit switches and other devices. Driving, steering, braking, lifting, descending, and out rigger leveling are supported. The system is compliant with all safety functions of CE.

V7 Scissor Control

Performance & Characteristics:
  • •On Board Indicators: Two 7-segment LED
  • •Operating Temperature: -40 - 85°C
  • •Storage Temperature: -40 - 90°C
  • •IP Rating: IP65(From the Mounting)
  • •Connector Type: PIN AMP 344108-1
  • •Operating Voltage: 9-36 VDC
  • •Communications: CAN:2
  • •Push Buttons: Lift/Drive/Speed/Horn
  • •Enclosure Materials: Nylon with Fiber
  • •Joystick: One Axis with Enable and Rocker Switch

This control system is dedicated to control battery powered self-propelled scissor lift by providing all necessary safety related functions such as Lifting/Steering/Driving, tilt sensing, load sensing. The system consists of an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and a Platform Control Unit (PCU). A hydraulic pump in conjunction with an electric motor powers the lift or steer functions. Drive and brake functions may be powered similarly or by electric motors depending on machine configuration. ECU with a combination of solenoids, motor controller, limit switches and sensors control the machine. The ECU can process inputs from the PCU, Ground panel, limit switches and level sensor.

P8 Motor Drive

Performance & Characteristics:
  • •400A maximum current
  • •Provide motor thermal protection
  • •Battery low temperature protection
  • •CAN communication
  • •More efficient
  • •LED status display

P8 series motor drive products focus on low-voltage high-current motor drive control, aerial work platform for the actual working environment and operating characteristics to provide high reliability, high efficiency and comfort and smooth control performance. P8 series motor drives will support a wide range of different models, including self-propelled scissor platforms and mast platforms, as well as a wide range of drive variants including hydraulic and electric drives.

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