Los Angeles GPS

Performance & Characteristics:
  • •Worldwide cellular coverage
  • •Encrypted CAN bus communication
  • •Low power consumption with internal battery power supply
  • •Low battery liquid level monitoring
  • •Battery voltage monitoring
  • •Fault code reports
  • •High accuracy positioning, support AGPS, support cellular based positioning (indoor positioning covered)

The telematics controller is designed for Aerial Work Platforms. It can support positioning, electronic fence, battery liquid level monitoring, status monitoring, fault code report, battery voltage monitoring, enclosure open detection, remote vehicle lock/unlock and other functions. It can meet the different requirements of OEMs and rental companies.

Boston GPS

Performance & Characteristics:
  • •GPS/GPRS 2-in-1 unit
  • •Low power consumption mode
  • •Multiple wake-up mode (RTC clock, vibration, open box)
  • •The software realization of remote vehicle monitoring
  • •Path query, electronic fence, SMS alarm and control
  • •Switch signal output control external relay
  • •Low power consumption for half a year with built-in battery

The multifunctional GPS module is designed for construction equipment, with satellite positioning,uplink and downlink data transmission, monitoring and control, analog data acquisition, switching signal acquisition, control output, motion detection, open box detection, RS232 communication interface and CAN communications, and etc. on, to fulfil the demands from various applications.This product is specifically designed for the earth moving equipment that requires excellent vibration resistance and environmental protections. The enclosure adopts fully sealed design, with good performance of waterproof and dustproof.

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