About NVR

North Valley Research (NVR) is a professional electronic control system and IoT service provider for off-road vehicles. Control systems are widely used in construction equipment, aerial work platform, agricultural machine, mining equipment and etc. NVR also provides telematics service to stakeholders such as fleet manager, rental company, OEM, financer, and etc. NVR now has operations in the USA, UK and China.


Global Locations

  • Silicon Valley

    Silicon Valley

    Add: 1601 McCarthy Blvd. R-02,Milpitas, CA 95035

    Email: sales@nvr-china.com

  • Cardiff


    Add: 25 Nicholson-webb Close, LLandaff, Cardiff, CF5 2RL, UK

    Email: sales@nvr-china.com

  • Shanghai


    Add: Rm2106, 500 North Chengdu Road, Shanghai

    Email: sales@nvr-china.com

  • Jinan


    Add: 1688 Jichang Road, Jinan, Shandong

    Email: sales@nvr-china.com

  • Changsha

  • Xuzhou

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