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NVR Held the EMC Academic Forum Successfully


Missouri University of Science and Technology - North Valley Research electromagnetic compatibility and signal power integrity of the academic forum was successfully held in Jinan on June 25th, 2015. Professor Fan Jun, the member of world's top EMC laboratory, dedicated a wonderful lecture to technical experts in the mechanical engineering field from Shandong Lingong, Weichai Power, Sany Heavy Industry and etc,.


FanJun graduated from Tsinghua University, and became famous in the United Statesafterwards. Now he is Missouri science and Technology University lifelong Professor, EMC Transaction IEEE senior editor, and a top expert in the field of electromagnetic compatibility and signal integrity. Dr. Fan explained the EMC and Integrity Signal's basic theory, engineering applications and the practical case. In the speech, the complex theoretical was analyzed in a simple way. Eitherthe senior experts or novice beginners, benefit a lot from the lecture.


 During the lecture, the North Valley Research introduced the company's status and development plans. By means of combining with the practical project, NVR showed how Integrity Power theory was applied to solve the practical problems.


The academic forum builds a platform for the Chinese engineering machinery industry to reach world technology frontier, to solve practical engineering problem. In the future, NVR will continue holding similar activities to make the electronic design of Chinese engineering machinery catch up with the world advanced level.

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