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  • Order Management

  • Customer Management

  • Asset Management

  • Risk Management

Product Features

  • Vehicle Monitoring
    Vehicle Monitoring LOGO
    Vehicle Monitoring

    Manage every vehicle anywhere and anytime.

  • Accurate Cost Statistics
    Accurate Cost Statistics LOGO
    Accurate Cost Statistics

    Reduce cost, and boost profits.

  • View Income in Real Time
    View Income in Real Time LOGO
    View Income in Real Time

    View each income in real time.

  • Encrypted Data Storage
    Encrypted Data Storage LOGO
    Encrypted Data Storage

    Encrypted storage, uploading and strict permission control.

  • Deep Data Mining
    Deep Data Mining LOGO
    Deep Data Mining

    Support your strategic planning based on data.

System Features



Remote Control




  • Seamless contract management.

    Customized approval process for different customers.

  • Easy Vehicle Dispatch

    Easy access of quantity and location of vehicles ready for rent, and easy dispatch to make sure the vehicle arrive in time.

  • Remote control to prevent violations

    One-click remote lock the vehicle function.

  • Set up geo-fence for easy management

    Set the geo-fence so that the vehicle can work in the legal area to ensure the safety of customers ' property

  • Vehicle’s status is available at any time.

    Vehicle’s status alarms are available at any time via computers or APPs.

  • Comprehensive Control of Vehicle Data.

    Keep the first hand information about your vehicles at any time, make sure the vehicle in best status.

  • Battery monitoring and extends its lifetime.

    Real-time battery monitoring ensures the battery is charging and working properly, which will extend the battery life.

  • Maintenance on time and increase the occupancy.

    More convenient to check and record equipment maintenance, make sure the vehicle in best status.

  • Repair in time to protect the equipment.

    One click to find the vehicle to be repaired, ensure that the equipment can get repair in time.

  • Flexible Settlement, Easy Statistics

    Daily rent, monthly rent, quarterly rent and other settlement methods are flexible and free to combine with each other, which can meet any settlement requirement.

  • Advanced Reminder of Accounts Receivable

    The advanced reminder of accounts receivable ensures the rental arrives on time.

  • Customization satisfy all needs.

    Excellent engineering team can develop user-specific features to meet any requirement.







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