Product Features

  • Fully Adaptable

    Fully adaptable to all brand vehicles
  • Easy to Use

    Easy operation, friendly human-machine interaction
  • Accurate Statistics

    Accurate statistics of workload, fuel consumption,
    distance, attendance and multiple data validation
  • Real-Time Response

    Real-Time data uploading, instant response.
  • High Level Security

    Chip-level security solutions, encrypted data
    transmission and storage which is in line with
    international data privacy protection standards.
  • Overall Management

    Equipment management, personnel management,
    process management, cost management are
    all covered.
  • Quick Deployment

    Easy installation, “Plug and Play”
  • Intelligent Decision Making

    Equipment matching,brand selection,project bidding
    and construction plan based decision making.
  • Deep Customization

    Flexible and customized solution

System Features

Application scenarios

  • Open Pit Mine

    Outdoor Coal Mine

    The open-pit-mining in Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi Province, Shanxi Province and Xinjiang could adapt and apply to the complex and changeable scene....

  • Port Terminal

    Port Wharf

    Wharf cargo transportation and handling, workload statistics and system automation technology promote efficiency....

  • Open Pit Gold Mine

    Outdoor Gold Mine

    Large construction site and rational scheduling keep things organized....

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