Product Features

Comprehensive Information Acquisition

Professional Data Models

Various Application Scenarios

  • The data acquisition and analysis system which is specifically developed for industrial data can not only collect data in parallel, capture the massive amount of data generated at high speed during operation, but also manage and analyze it.

  • Aggregating multidimensional data, using SVD, PCA or other methods for feature extraction, using Z-score, maxmin and other processing methods dealing with data, using Spark2.0, TensorFlow and Python machine learning module for real-time vehicle monitoring, adjusting and optimizing the vehicles, so that it improves operational efficiency.

    01      PCA Analysis
    02      Gradient Descent
    03      Neural Network Model
    04      Tree Models are used for Regression and Classification
  • Years of experiences focusing on the field of industrial equipment big data, we have deep insight into the industry and offered diversified services for OEMs, dealers, end users, such as providing lean operation, quality control, payment forecast and oil consumption analysis.

  • Millisecond level responding speed and highly flexible scalability can meet the future needs, multi-replica distributed placement provides customized storage configurations, which can achieve the safety based high efficiency.

  • Internal - User information management, organization and authority are configurable. External - Data isolation ensures confidentiality; Data backup reduces risks; Encrypted storage for critical data; Comprehensive logs provides full traceability.

  • Enterprises can use the cutting edge big data technology to achieve precision marketing, risk management, business growth, and cost reduction. Customization can enhance your core competence.

High Performance and Stability

Secured Data

Secured Data

Product Introduction

  • 01      Work Heat Map
  • 02      Work Scatter Plot
  • 03      Payment Forecast
  • 04      Overdue Risk Prediction

Our Capability

  • Data Processing Background Image
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    Data Processing

    Millions of machines online and

    massive data processing and


  • Data Acquisition And Storage Background
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    Data Acquisition And Storage

    Sensing technology + cloud computing

    + distributed processing platform

    + storage technology

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    Data Security

    data isolation data encryption

    data backup

    anti - virus

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    Data Revolution

    Leading the digitalization

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